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Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse

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Forget Us Not
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Starting in the 1940's and continuing into the mid-1960's, several institutions conducted secret and destructive brainwashing experiments on unknowing victims in Montreal. It started with McGill University and subsequently, the Allan Memorial Hospital.  These experiments were inhumane and caused lifelong damage and placing lifelong strain on the families of the victims. 

We seek to obtain dignity for those who have suffered by obtaining acknowledgement and compensation of the parties responsible for their participation.

Our Canadian Government - the Department of  National Defence - has never taken full legal responsibility for their involvement and funding of these experiments and unethical treatment techniques.   It is becoming evident that these actions started in the 1940's, and that the Canadian Government was much more involved in these experiments than they want to admit - the public has been led to believe it was all about the CIA.

We, SAAGA, are a group of individuals who were victims themselves or family members who suffered through loss of parents, loss of relationships and financial losses due to these disturbing practices. 


Our group has made an application to the court for a Direct Action lawsuit instead of a major class action which is in itself tantamount to a class action in that over 50 members have mandated Alison Steel and Marilyn Rappaport to represent them in court.  Please refer to the heading JOIN US to read our application to the court and hearing scheduled for May 2020 with Judge Prevost. 

Important Notices

  • Please contact us if you, or anyone you know was employed at the Allan Memorial Institute in any capacity before 1965.

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