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We at SAAGA have instituted a Direct Action against the Government of Canada and the Royal Victoria Hospital whereby over 50 members of our group have mandated Alison Steel and Marilyn Rappaport to represent them in court to obtain some dignity for those who have suffered - by acknowledgement of institutional and government participation and funding, a formal apology as well as compensation for these horrific events.  We do not have to wait to get certification from a panel of judges to do a class action suit. Our Direct Action which is tantamount to a class action has already been in court and we are proceeding ahead.  You can read the application to the court in the word document below. As well you can read the PDF below to inform yourself of the proceedings to come with Judge Prevost in May 2020.

If you or any of your loved ones have been a victim of this program, please contact us to discuss joining this class action suit.

Our Representatives
Marilyn pic.jpg
Marilyn Rappaport

Class Representative


Alison pic.png

Class Member, 

SAAGA Vice-President

chris forcand.jpeg

Class Representative, 

SAAGA Member

Me. Alan

SAAGA's Legal Counsel

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